Learning English
by playing!
  • 150 words for free
  • 11 500 words to learn
  • 6 educational games
  • 50 thematic categories of words
  • 4 difficulty levels

Play and learn English!

Lingo Games is an innovative combination of applications to study English with casual games. First, you learn new words using flashcards, and then consolidate vocabulary by playing attractive Edutainment games. The application itself will create a learning schedule and remind you of the words at the right time.

How to learn with Lingo games

This is learning menu. For a given word, try to come up with the most appropriate translation. When you are ready to see the answer, touch the eye symbol or card with question mark.

If you come up with the right answer, touch the green tick. Otherwise, touch the red X mark. Depending on result, word will show up more or less frequently in games.

Your learning progress

You can check your learning progress in a selected period. You will see it presented in the form of a smart chart.

Thematic categories of words

You choose the field, from which you would like to learn vocabulary. You have 50 thematic categories to choose from (among others, Home, Travelling, Work), as well as 3 difficulty levels.

Learning games

Language games help you to consolidate the vocabulary you have learned in the learning module.


Choose correct answers and uncover whole picture! A word in your native language is shown on the puzzle. If you uncover whole image you will get a bonus game!


Invaders are coming! Shoot down a ship with a correct English word. Question is shown on the cockpit.


Arrange an English word eating the letters in the correct order. The question is in the upper left corner. You have 3 lives.


Defend city from bombardment! Shoot down a bomb with a correct english translation, which will appear in the middle of the screen. Good luck!

Rotate the wheel

Rotate the wheel. Bonus game!

Casual games

When you work very hard we let you play bonus casual games: Blocks, Memory, Bugs, Helicopter.


Remove identical blocks from the screen. The blocks will disappear when you touch a group of at least 3.


Train your memory! Uncover two identical elements!


Train your reflex, catch useful bugs (like ladybug or butterfly). Avoid bad bugs.


Fly as far as you can, but avoid obstacles! Collect hidden elements to earn even more points!

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